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We can’t put into words exactly what the human-dog bond is… it’s different things to different people. But we know it’s there and we know it’s real. And we know we want to cherish, respect, strengthen, and protect it.

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To do that, we are creating a central hub that is all things for all dogs and their human companions called Sol Dog Lodge & Training Center.

Sol Dog Lodge gives dogs – all breeds, sizes, ages, temperaments, and needs – a convenient, one-stop oasis where their needs will be met with loving kindness and the highest professional standards on a state-of-the-art, dedicated campus.

Your dog may need every day services like boarding, day care, grooming and basic training – Sol Dog Lodge will provide them.

Or your dog may need some extra care such as low cost vet services or free spay and neuter – Sol Dog Lodge will make them available.

Or you may want education, specialized training, and community services – Sol Dog Lodge will have it all.

Our mission is simple and clear – to support the human and dog bond. Our programs and services are designed to fulfill that mission.

Keep dogs in their homes with loving families

Keep dogs out of shelters

Train dogs and their human companions

Provide services and education to the entire community

Provide a community space for all to enjoy and benefit from

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