Make Dreams Happen

We know that even though you love animals, you may not love being asked for donations with the regularity that is required to sustain the current non-profit operation.

By building Sol Dog Lodge into a solid revenue generating business we will be less dependent on donations and grants. That means you’ll be able to enjoy the rewards of your generosity without having to constantly dip into your pockets to support us.

The tremendous never-faltering community faith and support we’ve received for the last 25 years bolsters us every day as we move ahead with Sol Dog Lodge. Although, we’ve been able to help thousands of dogs and people over the years our mission is now to do even more.

We’ll still be a non-profit, we’ll just have a robust, much needed service and program-oriented business operation that will support our rescue, re-homing, training, and education goals.

Help us build and launch Sol Dog Lodge through our Capital Campaign.

Every dollar donated is meaningful.

Your donation will support the dogs, the people, and the community for generations to come.

Self-reliance through innovation

Currently our services and programs are operated from various temporary Tucson and Marana locations while we finalize our plans and raise the remaining funds needed for construction of Sol Dog Lodge.

You can help us stand on our own two (and sometimes four) feet

As we develop Sol Dog Lodge, we are offering special sponsorship opportunities including Naming Rights throughout the campus. We’d love to talk with you about these options including everything from names on buildings to tribute bricks to our Field of Dreams and Memorial Garden.

Please call, text, or email Shelley Harris to discuss these unique and powerful opportunities.

(520) 345–0075 or